IT Sales Leaders Sustainability Forum – London

Dec 2nd , 5:00 - 7:00


We would love for you to join us at our upcoming event in London, we’re running this is partnership with Capgemini to address sustainability within sales teams.  This is a chance to network with an exclusive group of high profile senior sales leaders as well as hear insights within the industry on a number of topics.

At the partner event we will discuss the relevant and importance of sustainability in selling:

Capgemini and ESP are delighted to bring you this event as an opportunity to address and discuss the importance of sustainability in selling in Capgemini’s Holborn office on Monday 2nd December 2019.

  • How is sustainability a differentiator in the sales process? How does it vary across sector?
  • What are your clients asking for on sustainability and how are you demonstrating that you are listening?
  • What are you doing personally to live sustainably and how do you demonstrate this in the way that you sell?

The event will be chaired by Rosemary Stark, Chief Sales Officer and Executive Sponsor for Environmental Sustainability, Capgemini.

“No organisation will thrive in the decades beyond 2030 without having sustainability embedded in their core.  We need to start designing and building ecosystems with interlinked technology platforms that share information today, not tomorrow”
Cyril Garcia, Global CEO Capgemini Invent


The speakers for this event are to be confirmed however previously we have had:

Calum Kilgour and John Bissett

Many businesses fail to grow or even die, not because they offer inferior products or services, but simply because they can’t get buyers to see why they should choose them over their competition. Sales Enablement specialists Slingshot Edge will be sharing techniques and processes that companies like Palo Alto Networks, Snow Software and Lockheed Martin are using to fuel their growth and make it easy for their buyers to choose them.


The ESP team will be hosting an interactive session focusing on innovative ways to win new customers and how to enable your sales team to be productive

James Bishop, Salesforce

Why is employee engagement a major new initiative and how is it driving results at, how motivated is your team and how well do you know their plans? Senior Sales Leader from, James will show you why ‘personal planning’ looking at health/ wealth/ career/ purpose improves the performance of Senior Sales professionals in your teams

Jonathan Legdon

Jonathan Legdon is an experienced CEO and sales leader within the software sector. He has sales in his bones having worked across a variety of sales roles throughout his career and he is passionate about sales strategy. Jonathan joined us to discuss customer success management and why this should be a focus for sales teams in the future.