Postponed – IT Sales Leaders Breakfast Forum – Edinburgh

, 8:00 - 10:00


We would love for you to join us at our upcoming breakfast event in Edinburgh. This is a chance to network with an exclusive group of high profile senior sales leaders as well as hear insights within the industry on a number of topics.

We will be exploring and sharing solutions in an interactive and enjoyable format to address the following challenges…

How to Avoid No Decision Scenarios

The key focus of the session is always a hot topic and is going to be be a major problem for sales people once again in 2020.  We’re addressing: “How can you avoid the dreaded no decision?!”

Many businesses fail to grow or even die, not because they offer inferior products or services, but simply because they can’t get buyers to see why they should choose them over their competition. Sales Enablement specialists Slingshot Edge share their techniques and processes that companies like Palo Alto Networks, Snow Software and Lockheed Martin are using to fuel their growth and make it easy for their buyers to choose them.

Workshop Training

In addition to this the ESP team will be running a fun and interactive workshop that focuses on innovative ways to win new customers and how to enable your team to be productive.  Previous sessions have discussed:

  • Motivating and getting the best out of millennials
  • Employee engagement
  • Mental health in sales teams
  • Recruiting diamonds
  • Achieving better diversity in your business
  • Using social value/sustainability as a differentiator in the sales process.

If this sounds like your cup of tea then register below.

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