Use Stories to Build Trust, Rapport, and Empathy. Language that your buyer will love!

April 16 , 10:00 - 11:00


The importance of language should not be overlooked. It’s how we communicate, how we build relationships, and how we sell. If you want your buyer to trust you and have a rapport with you, then you need to employ language that they’ll love and hold on to. This is a topic that we’ve discussed in the past and it garnered a lot of interest and fantastic conversation.  Months have passed since we last discussed the topic and as we know, our world of Technology Sales is agile and receptive to the changing market. A change in market means new demands, new priorities, and new ideas.

Come along to learn how your peers use language to respond to the current market. We’ll be joined by Calum Kilgour and John Bissett from Slingshot Edge and will be hearing their fantastic tips on using language effectively.

Now more than ever you must keep investing in your own development to stay ahead. This is a chance to learn top tips on developing your sales teams, share your knowledge with other Sales Leaders and to build your network with an exclusive group of high-profile MDs & SDs.

This event is part of a series to help Sales Leaders stay ahead of the game – we hope you’ll join us in tackling this topic and click here to confirm your attendance.