Virtual Meet Up: Winning New Logo Customers in an Uncertain Climate

October 22nd , 11:00 - 12:00


How are you winning new customers during ‘this time’?

Has it been challenging? Is business booming?

Hosted by our MD & Founder Paul Thomson and co-hosted by Calum Kilgour and John Bissett from Slingshot Edge, this meet up promises to be insightful and helpful for Sales Leaders.

This event is part of a series designed to support Sales Leaders navigate this new business climate. We kicked things off at the start of lockdown and these meet ups continue to help Sales Leaders network with likeminded (and sometimes not likeminded but that’s all part of the fun!) professionals, accelerate their own skills and the skills of their sales teams.

Register your interest to level up your own skills, share your experiences with others and win new customers!

Below is a snippet from our last event on how to build trust, rapport and empathy using stories…

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Interested in how to use stories to build trust, rapport and empathy?

Our last two meet ups focussed on how salespeople can use language and stories to not only build a relationship with their buyer but to also make their message a lot more memorable. Twenty-two times more memorable in fact!

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