5 reasons that prove it is THE best time in years to make a career move . . .

There is a noticeably greater supply of senior IT sales jobs and a higher demand for well suited candidates than I have seen for years!

This is demonstrated by:

1. In 2014 at ESP we are regularly breaking records for the number of new job openings we are requested to conduct a search for.

2. We are finding it much tougher to fill the vacant jobs because candidates are in short supply.

3. Large companies with effective in-house recruitment teams are calling us asking if we can help find talent for them. They only do this when they have a large volume of vacancies to fill or there is a shortage of well suited candidates.

4. Many more IT companies are making profits and investing in their business than are not.

5. Confidence is high in the wider economy, illustrated by low interest rates, rising house prices, falling unemployment etc