5 Ways To Recruit Candidates Who Help You Win

Simon Toop, Director at Enterprise Sales Personnel Ltd, shares his strategy for success.

1. Use a successful and experienced recruiter

You can’t beat good old fashioned market knowledge coupled with a motivated recruiter who is a pleasant personality to engage with.  A good recruiter will have access to a great list of contacts, know who to go to with your opportunity and will take the time to make sure they represent you in the way you would yourself.

2. Treat Interviews as a two way street

It’s fine to give a candidate a tough interview, you need to make sure they are credible and a good fit for your role.  However, many clients, once they have identified a great candidate, fail to sell the great reasons a candidate should join their business.  Many a time I’ve heard something along the lines of, ‘well that’s that Simon, great candidate let’s get them back in for the next stage’, making quite an awkward moment as I explain, ‘well, er, that’s great, but they’ve declined to come back.  Here’s why….’  My advice is to treat it as a two way street and sell back to the candidate.  Why are they there? What do they like about it?  HOW DO YOU COMPARE Vs OTHER OPPORTUNITES THEY ARE LOOKING AT?   What concerns do they have about you?  You’d do the same with a customer, why not a candidate who could help you smash next year’s figures?

3. Try not to make your process like getting a job at MI6

I see too many processes which are unnecessarily convoluted with too many stages and parts of the process that overcomplicate things for the candidate.  The problem with this is that your competition will move faster, identify the best candidates quicker and make the process challenging but reasonable.  This will enable them to get their best offer in front of your favourite candidate first and often beating you to them.

4. Discuss the salary in the first meeting

I’m amazed that some clients still wait to have a chat about salary until after the final stage.  It’s not a great idea as it can cause problems at the end, especially if the candidate is looking for a big raise.  My advice is to ask early in the process for the candidate’s base salary, ote and last three p.60 details.  Also, ask your recruiter what their expectations are like.  They should know and be able to advise you.

5. Get your offer out quickly

Once you have made your decision.  Find out who really pulls the strings in your business when it comes to getting the paperwork out.  The best and most proactive decision makers I work with will make sure that once they have made up their mind on someone, they will drive out the offer to them as they know that any further delays could also kill the deal.  Candidates feel so much better once they have a contract and once they’ve agreed the finer details with you, your recruiter should be working with them to gently let down the other people in other processes they have been involved in.

About Simon

Simon Toop is an experienced IT sales recruiter and a Director at Enterprise Sales Personnel Ltd, having been with the company since 2008.

With a solid track record of success, Simon leads the England team in both new business acquisition and candidate management.

Are you are looking to hire an exceptional IT sales person or you are a successful IT sales professional looking for you next career move? To speak to Simon or any of the ESP team, please call 0161 446 4160 or email simon@enterprisesp..co.uk