Are you looking for a swift career move? If so be aware . . .

If you are seeking a new, senior sales role as a matter of urgency you are likely to find one, however it may not always be a great career move that ticks all your required boxes!

Human beings are less selective when we really require something, as opposed to when it is just desired. Imagine upgrading your mobile phone as opposed to replacing it when it if lost or broken. The same psychology translates into job hunting too.

Analysis of the most recent 100 career moves facilitated here at Enterprise Sales Personnel shows that you are less likely to gain career progression, higher remuneration and secure a great company if speed is of the essence and priority. A good analogy is you could easily make a hasty choice that you later regret. We can all relate to this when making important decisions, how crucially you want something does not always help you make the best choice!

Our results have shown that salespeople who maintain success with their current employer, whilst job hunting, are more selective and less likely to accept a job offer unless they are very keen on it. This is not always easy as we all have busy lives. However it can be the difference between finding a great new career move and ‘jumping from the frying pan into the fire‘.

This is the best time for many years to be seeking to progress you career as most employers are investing in new team recruits and there is a large shortage of suitable candidates. UK unemployment fell again yesterday and demand for talent exceeds supply. Great news indeed for those (talented professionals) with lots to offer!