Charity begins, well, in the office actually!

Office Manager, Marie-Louise, explains why charity doesn’t always begin at home and offers her tips to getting your office involved too.

Charity – a word that is constantly used in society and produces a full spectrum of reactions from unbridled enthusiasm to cold-sweat fear. Regardless of where you personnally fall on this spectrum, you can’t seem to turn the corner without some kind of charity reference.

Although I personally love charity work and regularly volunteer with various charities, I appreciate this approach is not always shared by those around me. As the Office Manager at Enterprise Sales Personnel Ltd, I was keen to get the company involved in charitable causes. But how do you motivate an office to embrace charity?

Below are my tips for getting your office in the ‘charitable spirit’

1. Back a national event

If your office is not exactly bowled over with excitement at the prospect of charitable giving then linking into a national event could be a way to test the water. These events are usually widely advertised, televised and even backed by celebrities (think Red Nose Day and Children In Need). These events usually provide a whole host of ideas and resources for fundraising which are free to access – meaning less work for you and the office.

2. Find a specific cause to care about

It is human nature to be more motivated about something that you personally care about so utilise this and ask the office which charity/charities they specifically want to fundraise for. Maybe it is a cause that is specifically important to a member of the team in the office? Or maybe it is a charity that a team member has had direct contact with?

Remember, it doesn’t always have to be a nationally recognised charity. Charities local to your area will always be grateful for any fundraising you are willing to do on their behalf and this can help strengthen the bond within communities.

3. Share your success and inspire others around 

It is not bragging – it is sharing! We are nearly all active on social media so what better way to promote your chosen charity as well as your own business than shouting about it online? You might even inspire others to do the same!

This doesn’t need to be anything flashy – a photo of what you have been up to and a few sentences about the charity (if not widely known) along with how much you raised can be a powerful marketing tool for all involved.

And most importantly …

4. Make it fun

Some people shy away from fundraising for charity because it is perceived to be boring. Break this myth and choose something fun for the office to do.

Long gone are the days of standing on a street corner with a collection box and a raft of thank you stickers.

Fundraising takes a whole host of different forms from fancy dress right through to adventurous sponsored events such as skydiving. The sky is literally the limit, depending on how brave you and your office are!

Remember you don’t need to raise millions, every contribution made no matter how much is important to all charities. You don’t always need to donate money, volunteering your time can be just as valuable. Help make a difference whilst also having some fun. You may be surprised how much you enjoy it.

We’ve all heard the phrase charity begins at home but maybe it should be that charity begins, well, in the office actually!

Images from top to bottom; Children in Need 2015 – Wear PJs to Work Day (National Event), British Heart Foundation 2015 – Wear Red to Work Day (National Event), Christmas Jumper Day 2014 & 2015, Sport Relief 2016 – Dress up as a Sportsperson,

About Marie-Louise

Marie-Louise has been the Office Manager at Enterprise Sales Personnel Ltd since October 2014. Since starting at the company she has spearheaded ESP’s charitable efforts whilst also personally volunteering and fundraising for other local causes outside of work.

If you would like to speak to her about how you can get your business involved in charitable giving or you are a charity that would like ESP to fundraise for you, please contact her through LinkedIn or via email

Image taken from recent fundraiser for St Ann’s Hospice (facepainting), June 2016