Choosing Recruitment as your Graduate Career

IT Sales Recruitment Consultant, Emily Taylor, describes the highs and lows of choosing recruitment as her graduate career.

Congratulations – you are about to graduate, so what are you going to do now?

You are at that time of the year when your dissertation is due and as a third year student you are constantly stressed due to your current workload and everyone is asking you the dreaded question –  “what you are going to when you graduate?”

This was me exactly a year ago, with a degree in International Politics and Philosophy and, like many others, with no idea what I wanted to do!

I have always been someone who has thrived in a busy environment and enjoyed meeting new people so with this in mind I sat down with google and eventually came across recruitment. I had never heard of the industry but after a few hours of research I decided that it would be a great career to pursue. After many calls with Rec2Recs, phone interviews and face to face interviews, I landed my first job on recruitment as a trainee recruitment consultant.

Think you know about recruitment? Think again

When I had my interviews I was told endless times how hard the industry was and how relentless you had to be to do well.  But I was a fresh faced grad who had only ever worked in bars I thought they are just exaggerating.

Now, nearly a year into my recruitment career, I am going to tell you what I have learned about this industry;

1.The hours are long

When you are used to having a daily nap and pretty much being nocturnal, having to adjust to working hours of 8:30am – 5:30pm is quite a shock.

However, the job is fast paced and with everyday being busy you often find yourself wondering at 5:30pm where the day has gone.

2.You will have some really bad days

When they tell you that you will have peaks and troughs they are not lying.

There are days when you genuinely think if you have to leave one more voicemail you will scream!

However, the days when you have lots of activity and are making placements then you feel on top of the world.

3. You have to work hard to be successful

Nothing is handed to you in this industry.

You have to come in everyday determined to get some results. If you have one day of feeling lazy or unmotivated you end up being behind and incredibly stressed.

However the more you throw yourself into it in the first 6 months, the easier the job becomes and you start to see your hard work pay off.

4. Don’t believe the hype, you probably aren’t going to earn thousands in commission in the first year

Your first year is all about learning how to be the best at the job.

It takes a long time to become effective at the role, to fully understand all aspects of the role and to start doing well in the role.

However, once you finally get the hang of everything the placements will start to come in and you can feel proud knowing how hard you worked to get there.

5. It is target driven so you are constantly under pressure

Every Monday your KPI’s reset and you have to graft for another 5 days to hit your weekly targets. There is never a down period in recruitment and you are constantly expected to hit and exceed your targets.

However, this is the fast paced environment I was seeking and it helps you push yourself week in and week out so you can reach your full potential and start earning as much commission as you can.

There is always an up-side

So you’re probably wondering why I am still in recruitment. I’m still in the industry because you forget about all the rubbish days and the bad news you’ve had as soon as you start doing well again.

It is very true that recruitment has peaks and troughs but the peaks heavily overshadow the troughs. You’re in an industry where everyone goes through the same thing as you so when you’re having a bad day or week you’ve always got colleagues to pick you up and help you push through. If you’re competitive and hate not doing well like me then this is a great industry to be in as hitting your targets on a weekly basis is key to being successful.

Would I recommend recruitment as a career for a graduate?

Going into recruitment after university was definitely the best thing to do as it is such a challenging yet rewarding career path and I would certainly recommend it to anyone who is thinking about the same career path.

About Emily

Emily Taylor has been working at Enterprise Sales Personnel Ltd for the last 7 months, having come from another recruitment company. During this time she has established herself as an integral member of the ESP team and has recently been rewarded with a place on the company trip to Las Vegas.

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