Dance Your Way Into Your New Role

ESP offer 9 pieces of advice to help you secure that coveted IT sales opportunity

Here at ESP we have over 50 years combined experience in helping the top IT Sales professionals secure their next career move.

So, as our way of giving this Christmas we decided to share some of this much coveted knowledge. We asked each of our experienced consultants to share their number one piece of advice to make sure you turn your next interview into a job offer.

Emily Taylor: “I would say the most important thing for me is the CV. Make sure that your CV has more on than just your work history, include your targets and achievements. This is something that employers and recruiters definitely look for”

Paul Thomson: “Always Tell the truth- most interviewers will see straight through a lie and they always come back to bite you”

Rebecca Wagster: “Sell yourself”

Nathan Terry: “Do your research- too many people go into interviews not having done enough research on the company and the role, know everything you need to know and leave nothing unturned.”

Tony Boyle: “Treat the interview like you are in a sales meeting with a client, and always remember to close”

Simon Toop: “Take evidence of your success into interviews with you – have something physical to show off your achievements”

Jake Cassidy: “Have good solid references- too many people fall down at the final hurdle when their references just don’t come through”

James Egersdorff: “Dress to impress, but keep it appropriate, an interview isn’t the time to wear your brightest patterned socks”

Tia Wilkes: “Always take the brief before an interview, the biggest reason for a failed interview is lack of preparation but luckily we know exactly what the client is looking for”


If you are looking to progress your IT sales career within a new role, contact the ESP team today 0161 446 4160 or email your CV to our Office Manager, Marie-Louise,