ESP’s key Interview Tip

Get your meeting off to a flying start!

Most interviewers are ultra busy and time is their biggest enemy – they hate it being wasted! So, if you haven’t fully and effectively prepared for an interview you will incur their wrath! If they spot it, you are in big trouble – it will be hard to recover what’s left of your interview!

An easy way of completely transforming your chances of a successful interview and make a brilliant first impression is to show off how well you have prepared right from the start. You can do this by mentioning something you know about the person interviewing you or their company when they greet you – before you even sit down!

Getting off to a great start in any interview is going to make that meeting more productive and enjoyable for all concerned!

So put a smile on your ‘busy’ interviewers face and shout about what research you’ve done.

Good luck!