Fantasy Football and Recruiting? Yes! Rewarding Your Winners

Michael Finnigan, Founder of i2i has spent 25 years inspiring the elite within Business, Sport and Education to maximise their potential by unlocking and focusing inner mind-sets to deliver positive change.

This blog post will focus on the first tier of employee engagement, The Winners. Read below as to how we’ve worked with Michael to define The Winners, Solutions for Rewarding Winners, and ESP’s solution in action.

The Winners

These employees are your utopia. They display exemplary behaviours and attitudes towards company values, vision and colleagues. They always meet their targets, strive for the best and inspire others around them.

Michael’s key advice to tackle these challenges and breed a winning culture: Reward your Winners.

Rewarding your Winners
Success breeds success and recognising your Winners help to promote a positive culture and drive the right behaviours across the whole team

Solution—ESP in action

Fantasy Football has derived off the adrenaline of winning, the adrenaline of a challenge. Some could say you choose to win or you choose to lose—it’s all in the game plan. From our experience, we know that solid teams build solid wins. By incorporating all members of our team and by giving them reasons to stay focused, we find they are all the more motivated. At ESP, we thrive off rewarding our winners and creating a positive culture. We set weekly, quarterly, and yearly targets that balance achievability with challenges. Every time our team meets their weekly send out targets, we treat the team to a Friday lunch. If we hit our quarterly target, collectively, we treat the team to an international weekend trip—can anyone say Barcelona? The key, however, isn’t just about setting goals that only benefit ESP’s top management team. It’s about setting goals that work for the team and their personal & professional development.

The win? Giving our team the power of choice! Whether they choose where to dine on Fridays, what area of Europe they want to visit next, or what company sponsored work outing is next (The Escape Room was fun!), we make sure to mix things up. And, by involving the team on these decisions (no matter how small they seem), we’ve seen a positive correlation with their overall motivation and drive to deliver results. The adrenaline of a challenge builds up to the win, and once that win is driven home, we all have a reason to celebrate—drinks included.

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Written by James Egersdorff, Director, Enterprise Sales Personnel