Get Ahead In August

How to Tackle the Holiday Season Slump in Recruitment/Sales

August is fantastic time of year and I, personally, always look forward to it for many reasons; Light nights, barbeque season, maybe an exotic holiday overseas and not to mention the start of the new football season.

Despite this, when working in recruitment or any type of sales job August can cause a real problem due to the disruption thevholiday season causes. Some of your best customers are likely to be out of the country and not in the mood for doing business which can lead frustration across the sales floor.

Here are a few ideas of how you can ‘Get Ahead in August’

1. Meet as many customers as you can – If you are finding it hard to get hold of senior decision makers in your space it is highly likely that this is the same situation for some of your clients. Why not use this time to arrange a face-to-face meeting with clients you have done business with in the past and discuss what opportunities they may have for your over the next 12 months? It is also a great opportunity to pin down target clients who have been too busy to speak to you earlier in the year.

 2. Get some relevant external training – The slower months in the office are a great opportunity to take in some relevant sales training from industry leaders in your space. ESP regularly invite external trainers into the office. Our most recent being social media guru and recruitment expert, Nicole Plinston, who opened our eyes to improving the companies brand through the use of LinkedIn and Twitter.

3. Offer customers retained business – If you and the rest of your team’s workload has started to slow down due to the holiday lull it could be a great opportunity to pitch for some retained business. Customers will benefit as they will receive some extra love and attention and the best possible service you can offer them. But as a business you will also benefit by getting more committed opportunities and revenue.

4. Increase Social media advertising – August can be a great time to increase brand awareness on social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter. ​Posting relevant articles from industry leaders in your space as well as interesting projects that the business has been working on is a great way of driving attention towards your personal profile and ultimately your brand.

About Nathan

I am an Account Executive at Enterprise Sales Personnel Ltd. I specialise in client acquisition and new business development with Technology companies across the UK. My area of expertise is building relationships with customers who have not engaged previously with ESP.

If you are a business who are looking to hire an exceptional IT sales person, please contact me or 0161 446 4160.