He cancelled the family holiday for a final interview and got the job – would you?

Paul Thomson, Managing Director of Enterprise Sales Personnel Ltd, shares his tips on how to secure a job offer.

What would you do to get that job? Getting a company to make you a job offer is challenging.

Here is my advice on how you can make it easier by following these five tips

Differentiate yourself.

You should always be looking for ways to stand out after all the best jobs have tough competition. For example Alan was due to fly to Spain with his family on holiday when a final interview with a software company was scheduled the date he was flying. He knew the job would be gone when he got back so he cancelled his flight and flew straight after the interview to Spain to join his family. The software company were so impressed by his action they gave him the job. He wouldn’t have got the job otherwise because the other candidates were better suited

Drive the process like you do with a deal you are intent on winning.

Mike who recently started at a high quality US software start up constantly created urgency in the recruitment process by simply contacting the ESP recruiters daily.

At times he came across as a nuisance (too many calls, texts, emails etc.) however, this approach ensured the recruitment process was shortened considerably. By doing this he also demonstrated his commitment to joining and his suitability for the role and this is important too

Get in the recruitment process early.

Contact the hiring managers at the business you’d like to join 6 months before the end of their financial year when they are planning for the following year. This way you secure the job before it’s advertised to the wider market.

Be creative

Gregg got the job at an IT services company by circumventing the process. When he found out the Sales Director was going on holiday he suggested he meet the Managing Director instead and the SD when he returned. That way he got to see the main decision maker and prevented a delay that would have resulted in new candidates being introduced into the process.

Deal with unexpected problems.

Mike got stuck in a lift for an hour with the hiring manager before his final interview and ended up being pulled out of the lift through a small gap by the company’s MD. Don’t get flustered when something unusual happens. Instead stay calm in any difficult situations that arise and you will demonstrate your suitability for the role because employers know unexpected challenges often appear with customers too.

About Paul

Paul Thomson is the founder and Managing Director of Enterprise Sales Personnel Ltd. He has over 20 years of recruitment experience.

Are you looking for your next IT sales career move or are you a business looking to hire exceptional IT sales people? Contact Paul via his email paul@enterprisesp.co.uk or take a look at our LinkedIn company page or website https://enterprisesalespersonnel.co.uk/