How Can Technology Companies Find Top Candidates?

We’ve heard that the technology sales market is ‘starting to pick up’ for a while now. Companies have begun the thawing process of unfreezing their plans to expand and we have been ready and waiting. Gone are the days of companies scrambling together to abruptly shut their doors to recruitment and we could NOT be more glad.

In this current climate, the job market is saturated with top quality candidates who find themselves in unfortunate circumstances. While this does mean that hiring managers have the pick of the bunch for roles they must fill, it can also be incredibly overwhelming.  

Now that the market is picking up (can’t help myself) and candidates are in abundance – where do hiring managers start? What are the advantages and disadvantages to these processes?

Job Boards 

The job boards are in their masses. Weighing up the options of cost and effectiveness of each can be a challenging task. Unless a company works in a highly specific and specialised field, it could be difficult to know which job board is most effective for your industry.  

The direct applications through job boards are often of poor quality. There’s a lot of *redacted* to wade through before getting to the good stuff. An important thing to consider is, is this role suited to a job board? The position of CEO would not (definitely should not!) be on a job board. The more senior and specialised the position gets, the less effective a job board will be. 

Yes, using a job board will get you a high volume of CVs and applications. Job boards run 24 hours a day, 7 hours a week and reach a large audience. So, what’s the catch? The currency of time. If a company has a lot of manpower dedicated to sifting through piles of CVs or if the hiring manager has the allocated time to do this then it could seem worth it. However, surely if there’s hundreds of applications then a lot of those will be a suitable fit for the role, right? Not necessarily. A lot of the time job boards allow candidates to apply to multiple roles at once and therefore aren’t meticulously running through the job description or requirements. If the role is more senior and specialised, the likelihood of them being a good fit is low.  

Individual Networks 

One of the more trusted routes is finding someone within the hiring manager’s networks. This can be an effective way of finding a high-quality candidate, but it can require a lot of legwork and end up being extremely time consuming

Relying on individual networks can be risky. No matter how many connections you have on LinkedIn, networks will run out eventually. By solely relying on this very small talent pool, a lot of amazing candidates will slip through the net. It could be worth carrying out a small risk assessment – how important is the job? What are the time constraints? Can you risk searching for a suitable person from such a small number of candidates? 

Another monumental risk with hiring from your network is receiving a biased reference from a friend of a friend. If the hire goes wrong it could cause tension and will certainly cause some embarrassment! 

Recruitment Agencies 

“Hi there, I’m *insert name* from ESP, we’re a recruitment agency based in…” “Not interested” *line clicks*  

That’s the mild version.  

Some companies are strongly averse to recruitment agencies – what did we ever do to you other than charge a fee of thousands of pounds?! While we understand that the fee can be considered a downside to going with a recruitment agencyit boils down to how crucial and important the role is to the business. Is it worth spending the extra money for the legwork to be completely taken care of and the guarantee of a high-quality candidate

While a lot of high quality candidates are unfortunately facing unemployment, some roles could be more suited to someone who isn’t rigorously searching or not searching at all. Tapping into the passive job market is where using a recruitment agency becomes instrumental in finding that perfect candidate 

Time is of the essence for any company – it will take a substantial amount of time to filter job boards and to personally assess individual networks. These methods can work but it’s a gamble – a lengthy one at that. A client of ours told one of our consultants that he would much rather go with ESP to save himself a lot of time and found it to be a waste advertising in this hugely saturated market. 

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