How To Attract And Retain The Top IT Sales Talent In The Nordics

Senior International Recruitment Consultant Emily Taylor gives her insight into the Nordics talent pool

Great News! The Nordics are experiencing an economic boom and the tech market is benefiting from this with a rapid number of Nordic based Start-ups being created and growing into other territories.

Unfortunately this isn’t plain sailing as the Nordics are facing a concerning skills shortage with Sweden and Denmark bearing the worst of it. In Sweden they have 340,00 people that are relying on the employment service and with employers desperate to fill positions you’d think it was the perfect storm for recruitment. Sadly, many of those reliant on employment services do not have the skills needed for these positions which is creating a widespread skills shortage across the region.

In Sweden, they have the highest number of job vacancies per person seeking a job since 2000 and a whopping 12 out of 15 sectors are being impacted by the skills shortage with IT and Technology being the 3rd worst hit. The story is the same for Denmark with more than a third of companies in the country no longer recruiting enough workers with the correct skills for their live vacancies, as those candidates are already in work. This is of course driving a highly competitive market with wages creeping higher and higher.

If you are working in the region then it is probably not news to you but how can you overcome this to ensure that you are attracting and retaining the best talent in the IT market?

1.      Make sure you are attractive to your potential employees.

This can mean many different things but in a candidate driven market they are the ones to impress! Gone are the days that interviews were all about the candidates selling themselves to the employer, now it is all about selling to each other. How can you position your business as the company they will regret not joining? How strong is your online presence and branding? What is your reputation in the market and how can this be improved?

2.      Make sure you are meeting the market rate for wages

Money is an important driver for salespeople and can often be the decision maker when facing two separate offers from employers. If you are offering €10k or even as little as €5k less than your main competitor the chances are you will miss out on that candidate. This information is out there and the best source is the recruitment partners that you are working with. Ask them what the going rate is and use that to make sure you can attract the top talent by meeting or even surpassing the market rate!

3.      Think outside of the box (or your network) when recruiting

It’s no secret that businesses like to save money on recruitment fees and if you’re in a strong market which is vacancy led then that is easy. But when that isn’t the case then forking out for a recruitment fee will save you a lot of time, energy and in fact money in the long run as you will have a billing salesperson in the role quicker instead of having a target for an unfilled headcount. Using specialist recruiters will allow you to reach those passively looking candidates that aren’t active on job boards or LinkedIn.

Now I’m not saying that these 3 steps are the answer to the Nordics skills shortage but they are certainly worth thinking about when hiring in the region!

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