Introducing ESP – why we are different

Enterprise Sales Personnel Account Director, Nathan Terry, explains the value of using ESP.

After only a very short time in recruitment I quickly noticed how much of competitive market the IT sales recruitment industry is. There are hundreds of businesses in the UK doing something very similar to ESP meaning it was very important for me to educate myself on why we are different.

Who Are ESP?

At ESP we offer over 75 years’ worth of combined industry knowledge and in depth analysis of some of the most interesting IT businesses the market has to offer. We take time to build fantastic relationships with our clients helping to create a pleasurable recruitment process for both our clients and candidates. By meeting our clients we can give candidates a feel for a company’s culture and ambitions as oppose to just the stereotypical vague job description.

What Does ESP Do and Why are we Different?

All of our consultants at ESP take time to time to get a high level understanding of what a candidate is looking for and where exactly they are up to in their recruitment process. By doing this first part of the process we take the pressure of a recruiting hiring manager and avoid them coming across any unexpected surprises in the process.

I always think it is important that candidates are aware of examples of how we have furthered peoples careers and helped them achieved their goals. For example we placed candidates who approached us numerous times over our ten year existence, helping them progress through their career from entry level BDM roles to Account Director and then right up to VP of EMEA roles and then using us to build a team of their own.

Many of the hiring managers I speak to really struggle to find top talent in Scotland and have a very small presence and sometimes no office there. In the embryonic stages of ESP we decided to solely focus on IT sales recruitment based in Scotland. Because of this we are now the market leaders for Scotland sales recruitment and can quickly and efficiently solve this problem for recruiting hiring managers alongside the work we do across England.

The Value of Training

At ESP we also encourage our team to take part in regular workshops with influential sales leaders allowing us to get a feel for what it is like to work in the organisations we recruit for as well as the traits of some of the most talented sales leaders in the country. Recently sales performance expert Sean Maloney visited ESP and carried out DISC Training which taught is the important of personality traits when selling to senior decision makers across the industry.

Finally, after listening to the feedback we get from the market the one thing which makes us stand out from the rest is the highly motivated and friendly attitude of our sales team. Both clients and candidates enjoy ESP’s personable and consultative approach and for this reason decide to use us as there sole recruitment partner time and time again.

Nathan is an Account Director, responsible for client acquisition and new business development with technology companies across the UK. He has worked at Enterprise Sales Personnel Ltd since 2014. If you would like to find out how ESP could help your business hire exceptional IT salespeople contact Nathan directly through LinkedIn or on 0161 446 4160.