It’s the Problem Solvers Who Are Growing by James Egersdorff

When it comes to hiring sales talent, the message over the last 6 months from most tech companies has been a blanket “no room at the inn”. We’ve seen too many businesses going the other way leaving talented sales professionals looking for new employers.

As Team ESP battled our way through 2020, we’ve seen one part of tech emerge faster than any other.

SaaS/AI businesses have skyrocketed, especially those less than 5 years old, hiring throughout the crisis and accelerating full speed ahead with their growth plans.

For them, the pandemic has been a chance to fine tune their workforce, make customer processes even slicker and make themselves even more agile.

For the past 6 months we’ve been working closely with one Tech Track leader across Europe and many others needing help to hire talent as far afield as Singapore, America and Russia.

It seems that all these companies have one common denominator. They’re the best in their field at solving problems. Be it using AI to personalise customer interaction, enhancing digital transformation journeys or driving cyber defence innovation, these companies are bringing solutions to the table that can solve problems and solve them fast.

There’s a trend in the people they’ve been hiring too. They all mirror the same mindset. They solve problems quickly. They make things happen.

During meetings with two fast growth SaaS business this week, their leaders both asked us for people who can “look at what we’ve got then make it 10 times bigger!” and can “just go and win it!”.

Neither were hugely hung up on the tech someone had sold or the firms they’d worked in. For them, it was all about finding people with the best mindset, urgency and creativity.

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