January Has Come Around Again

Do you love or hate January? ESP recruiter, Emily Taylor, offers her thoughts on the first month of 2017

January has come around again. The nights are longer, the air is colder and getting up for work is definitely harder. Everyone is making their New Year’s resolutions and the people around them are betting how long they will last.

I’m your typical ‘I’m going to change my life in January… New Year, New Me’ sort of person. I have a December birthday so the entire month is full of food and, let’s be honest, far too much alcohol. Yet in the lull between Christmas and New Year I’m a transformed woman. I make myself lots of promises and feel so determined but decide to start at the beginning on January.

Then it is the first day back at work and you’re determined to work harder and smarter this year, the diet has begun and you’re pulling your running trainers

from the back of the cupboard. This is really my first year of experiencing this properly and it’s got me thinking about my goals for the year and where I would like to be this time next year in both my personal and professional life.

My list of goals vary from learning to drive (I’ve been saying this for years) to running a 10km. But a huge part of my goals are work related. This was really odd for me as previously my job had only been a means to pay for my social life but this was a turning point as I realised how important a job is. You spend more time at work with your colleagues than with anyone else in your life! How mad is that!?

The night before my first day back people kept asking ‘are you dreading going back?’ or ‘do you have the work blues’ and this year I actually didn’t.

I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t thrilled to be getting up early 5 days a week instead of lying about and watching Netflix but I definitely wasn’t dreading work. Getting back into the swing of recruitment last week made me realise when talking to so many people who were unhappy in their roles the importance of your job satisfaction. You spend more time at work in a year than doing pretty much anything else and if you’re unhappy then it has consequences in other areas of your life without you realising. You become less motivated in your personal goals like getting fit, or learning to drive in my case, you become less sociable and more tempted to decline the pub offer and sit on the sofa mindlessly all weekend.

How you feel about your job affects all aspects of your life and in the spirit of new beginnings in January then whilst you’re motivated in all other areas of life then why not use this momentum to find a new challenge and this could even help you keep your other resolutions for longer. WHO KNEW EY!

About Emily

Emily Taylor has worked at ESP since October 2015. She specialises in placing exceptional IT Sales candidates into some of the world’s largest IT companies.

If you are looking for your next IT sales career move, in either Scotland or England, contact her on 0161 446 4160, emily@enterprisesp.co.uk, through Twitter @EmilyT_ESP or via LinkedIn.