Managing Your Players

Michael Finnigan, Founder of i2i has spent 25 years inspiring the elite within Business, Sport and Education to maximise their potential by unlocking and focusing inner mind-sets to deliver positive change.

This blog series focuses on the third tier of employee engagement, The Nice, But In-Effectives. In the past two weeks we’ve covered employee engagement as it relates to The Winners and The Sceptics. Read below as to how we’ve worked with Michael to define The Nice, But In-Effectives, Solutions for challenging the negatives, and ESP’s solution in action.

The Nice, But In-Effectives

Positive personalities and likeable characters, The Nice, But In-Effectives uphold team/company values, but are either incapable of delivering results or feel constrained in fulfilling their potential by The Sceptics.

As discussed in last week’s post, weeding out The Sceptics is key for allowing your Winners and the Nice But, In-Effectives to have the opportunity to show the rest of the team what they have to offer. Below, we discuss what these opportunities look like in action and what to do to make sure your Nice, But In-Effectives deliver value.

Solution—ESP in action

You can’t always have a squad of full key players. Some are stronger on the front lines, while some are stronger on the defence. The key to maintaining a healthy working environment is finding personalities that work together in a professional sense—dominant and direct, paired with flexible and more reflective. At ESP we have a wide-range of skillsets that develop our winning strategy. There are times that we’ve had to assess our player types and ship out weaker players for a stronger prospect. A player who is out of form, or injured, whose points simply don’t add to our ROI need to be reconsidered. Our advice: develop and work with those who are struggling, see what their effort and return is, and if their performance remains the same (or worsens), it’s time for a new player.

Written by James Egersdorff, Director, Enterprise Sales Personnel