Mental health tips from the ESP team

Our team of recruitment consultants face many of the same challenges that your sales team face on a day-to-day basis. I asked them how they manage their mental health in the face of the role’s challenges, or what they’ve seen work well across the sales industry:

Amber: “I use the time I’m commuting to find a moment of mindfulness and take some time for myself”

Garry: “I try to go to the gym and do exercise on a regular basis.  It’s a great way to let out any stress (as well as move about after being at my desk a fair amount).”

Ravir: “Escaping into nature is really important for me, I feel calmer in the countryside so we try to get away every weekend even if it’s just for a long walk.  Having a dog that loves being outside really helps to encourage us even on the rainier weekends we know so well in the North West.”

Natalie: “One of the clients I’ve been working with offers free pamper day for employees.  These include a masseuse, hair stylist and nail beautician who come into the office and everyone is encouraged to make the most of it.”

Paul: “Physical exercise goes hand in hand with de-stressing for me.  This can be as simple as including a walk at lunch time right up to a work out in the morning and exercise 3 times a week.  I try to stand up in the office as much as possible and walk around while I’m working.  If you find this helps for you consider have a standing desk”
Jonathan: “I find exercise and playing team sports is a great way to relieve stress and anxiety after work”

Georgia: “Breaking away from the office really helps me gain perspective on a situation, weekends away by the sea really help me de-stress”

James: “Switching off from work when I get home is really important to me, I have a young family and I want to spend time with them.  I made a New Year resolution to put my phone away between certain hours in the evening and make the most of being with my kids”

Liam: “While it’s very tempting try not to eat poorly all week – have some treats but eat well and sleep well and you’re setting yourself up with a great base for strong mental health”

Paul: “Knowing yourself is really important.  The ability to take an internal step back from a situation and understand when you’re not being rational is really important – read about Chimp Theory!”

A whole host of different techniques work for individuals to manage their mental health.  As an employer or a manager recognise that one-size really doesn’t fit all when it comes to mental health and be ready to offer a variety of support.

Offering great mental health and well-being support can really help you to attract the top talent in the upcoming workforce.  If you would like further advice/support with this let us know by emailing: