Positive Affirmations for Sales People

Wellbeing Consultant Maria Mander came to the office to share her valuable insight on mental health when being made redundant, being out of work and going through the recruitment process.

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In the snippet below, James, Ravir, Izzy, and Maria focus on positive affirmations and how being kind to yourself can uplift your mindset and combat stress. Affirmations help to cleanse your thoughts – our words have weight and choosing to only speak words that work towards bettering ourselves helps to cultivate our best self. Izzy points out that something as simple as looking at yourself in the mirror and affirming what you want to be out loud can change your day.

We tend to criticise ourselves physically and doubt our abilities. Affirming to yourself that you are whatever you want to be lightens your outlook on yourselves and others. Particularly if you find that you’re spreading yourself thin within a high-pressured role, being unkind to yourself only makes everything harder.

You are what you think.


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