Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, Valentines can be awesome but it can be a disaster too!

Bit of a fun blog looking at our Valentine’s Day disasters

Valentine’s day is the made for love, affection, declarations and of course massive disasters.

Everyone will have had a bad valentine’s day, whether you’re single and crying into a tub of Ben & Jerry’s or happily coupled up… things always go wrong.

We decided to admit that here at ESP we aren’t perfect and too have had our share of Valentine’s day misery. We asked the team to tell us their worst (LinkedIn appropriate) Valentine’s day

disaster so we can give you all a good laugh.

*All names have been withheld*

“I once forgot and in a last minute dash I stopped off at the local garage to grab a bunch of flowers. I was feeling very pleased with myself until my girlfriend immediately noticed the BP label. My romantic meal quickly became a microwave meal for one.”

“I was happily enjoying a romantic evening meal at our favourite restaurant when I noticed that sat in the next booth and directly in my eye line was someone awfully familiar…. It was my ex!”

“When in high school, which is a tough time anyway, I decided to declare my love to a boy in my class. I left him a valentine’s day card in his draw and he publically opened the card, told the class it was from me and then proceeded to rip it up in front of my eyes. My heart was in as many pieces and the handmade card.”

“I took my wife to a very upmarket restaurant one year. I finally thought I’d nailed Valentine’s day and all was going well until the gentleman on the next table had the biggest bouquet of roses delivered to his partner at the table. Thanks to this try hard, my romantic dinner might as well have been a trip to Burger King.”

“I had a crush on a girl in school and one year I received a card from her. I was gobsmacked and overjoyed at this revelation and as I rushed over to announce my reciprocated love I could hear my best friend hysterically laughing and turns out her handwriting looked very similar to his!”

Glad to say we are all much better at recruitment! So, if you are looking for your next IT sales career move, get in touch 0161 446 4160