Shifting Perspectives: The Key for Driving Home Wins

Michael Finnigan, Founder of i2i has spent 25 years inspiring the elite within Business, Sport and Education to maximise their potential by unlocking and focusing inner mind-sets to deliver positive change.

This second-part blog series focuses on the second tier of employee engagement, The Sceptics. Read below as to how we’ve worked with Michael to define The Sceptics, Solutions for challenging the negatives, and ESP’s solution in action.

The Sceptics

Highly skilled and consistent performers, The Sceptics always deliver their numbers, but their negative attitude is a major threat to a business’ winning culture. This negative mind-set will suppress opportunities, not only for the Sceptics, but also for those Winners in your team.

What’s paramount to developing a business’ winning culture? Making sure your team always adheres to the behaviour of Winners. Come down hard on those who combat your company mission & vision. By enforcing this, and as their attitude improves, Sceptics will become Winners and those who don’t follow suit can be managed accordingly – perhaps having a serious conversation to see if this is the right fit for them.

Michael’s key advice to tackle these challenges and breed a winning culture: Readjust perspectives to develop a winning culture.

Solution—ESP in action 

The best Fantasy Football teams know how to effectively huddle and re-strategize to grab that quick win. At ESP, weekly meetings are key and constant communication is essential. We typically gather the team for 15-20 minutes every Friday to reflect on the week, asking: what went wrong, what went well, and how can we improve? What are our quick wins? Again, the source of good feedback and open conversation comes when we encourage feedback and focus on group discussions. Hard conversations aren’t always easy and it’s never recommended to openly critique one team member in front of the group– hence, private conversations are ongoing to ensure effectiveness and offer support. By focusing on positive behaviours, and by reinforcing positive feedback for a job well done, we try to shift perspectives, next attitudes, and finally overall behaviour to drive our wins home.

Written by James Egersdorff, Director, Enterprise Sales Personnel