The best way to attract and retain female talent in the IT sales industry

Clients say they’d LOVE to hire a female sales person and that they’re really keen to bridge the gender gap in our sector.

We’re regularly lead to believe that the IT sales industry is somewhat of a “Boys club” and that female IT sales people are definitely in the minority. Yet on a regular basis here at ESP we hear from our clients that they’d LOVE to hire a female sales person and that they’re really keen to bridge the gender gap in our sector.

It’s definitely vital that IT companies attract and retain more female sales professionals for them to grow as a business – one supporting statistic that jumps out is that when Fortune 500 companies had at least three female directors, return on invested capital jumped over 66 percent, return on sales went up 42 percent and return on equity increased by 53 percent.

Here are some of our ideas to help you find those female candidate that you are looking for…

Create a united front.

Your recruiting team, your interviewers and each member of your HR program should all be taught that recruiting, hiring, and retaining women is an extremely important goal for your company. Get to know your team members. Encourage them to spread the word about the jobs you have on offer to females on their own social networks. Make sure that they each share this vision

Make your job ads women-friendly.

You should be doing this regardless, but think carefully about what your job ads say about your company’s culture. There’s nothing wrong with having a fun, friendly and casual atmosphere (in fact it’s fantastic if you have one), but advertising it with promises of endless cold beer, pool tables and gaming consoles may mean you cut out a significant portion of your potential employee base. Balance is key. Ask yourself what young women want from a “fun, friendly and casual atmosphere”. Or better still, listen to what your current women workers have to say. They have first hand knowledge and experience of what’s working and what’s not in your organisation, and can provide suggestions on how to make the workplace more appealing to other women employees.

Create a female-friendly benefits program.

What is your company’s maternity leave policy? Do your benefits cover family planning and prenatal care? Do you have flexible start and finish times? Is there an option to work from home? Do you offer onsite childcare facilities? When a company offers benefits packages that more fully support women, it’s easier to find qualified applicants during the recruiting process.

Female-friendly benefits also help keep valued employees where you want them – eg at your company.

Promote your current female employers and particularly women in positions of power.

When women are represented in the highest levels of your company, other talented women will notice. Most women appreciate having female colleagues, and if the opportunity to socialise with other women, and be mentored by more senior women is available at your company, recruiting star female candidates becomes much easier.

Rebecca has worked as a recruitment consultant at Enterprise Sales Personnel Ltd for the last two years.

Want to speak to Rebecca about hiring more women for your business or are you looking for your next career move? Contact her on LinkedIn or call her on 0161 446 4160


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