The Bigger Picture – Delivering a Winning Culture

Michael Finnigan, Founder of i2i has spent 25 years inspiring the elite within Business, Sport and Education to maximise their potential by unlocking and focusing inner mind-sets to deliver positive change.

This blog series focuses on the fourth and final tier of managing employee engagement – The Walking Dead. Over the past month we’ve covered employee engagement as it relates to The Winners, The Sceptics, and the Nice, But Ineffectives. Read below as to how we’ve worked with Michael to define The Walking Dead, solutions for challenging the negatives, and ESP’s solution in action.

The Walking Dead

These people add to the daily grind because their results are as poor as their attitude! They eat up management time, have little aspiration and contribute little to the overall team result.

Bury the Walking Dead

If someone isn’t working with the team, then they’re working against the team. Management time needs to be freed to focus on Winners. Challenge the Walking Dead: “how do you expect to motivate your kids to get an A in their exams if you’re getting a D at work?”

Solution—in action: If the Walking Dead can’t see the bigger picture, add value to the team or see their opportunity to become a Winner, then they need to be removed. Having weak players not only affect your internal culture, but can negatively affect your overall brand equity—in terms of your company’s brand, or personal brand. Companies need to ask themselves: do The Walking Dead represent their company’s values, mission, and further drive their unique selling proposition? In ESP’s case, our teams work closely together to meet client & candidate needs. If a Walking Dead player interacts closely with a winner, inevitably the winner’s morale will be dampened and their ability to shine will be threatened. It’s therefore imperative that management oversees relationship interactions and dynamics, internally and externally, to ensure the brand equity remains strong in client and candidate’s minds.

Written by James Egersdorff, Director, Enterprise Sales Personnel