Tips on Hiring Senior Sales Professionals

“We have a transformational Sales Professional…”

How to establish that a recruiter knows the candidate whom they are championing.

Sniffing out and avoiding the Time Wasters

Leading IT sales recruitment business owner, Paul Thomson, discusses his thoughts on the value of knowing your candidate

You are a hiring manager of senior sales professionals. You receive daily pitches, through multiple channels (phone, email, text, LinkedIn etc.), from sales recruiters who all claim to have a super salesperson able to transform your business.

This may, occasionally, be valuable information. However, you are obviously busy and through experience you realise that the vast majority of these pitches are a waste of your precious time. Those persons, novices and robots behind the pitches likely do not know much about you and your business needs. They have, usually, not bothered to research your values, culture and business.

So many don’t do their research

So how could they possibly know how effective and valuable their candidate would be for you?
How extensively does your recruiter know the allegedly transformational sales professional whom they are championing?

Of course they are unlikely to know this. However, such recruiters do know that if they make several calls promoting they may eventually get lucky and you will open the door and give them an opportunity. Most likely this will be during a trigger event such as a star in your team suddenly resigning or a great candidate you had lined up failing your recruitment process at the final hurdle leaving you short in manpower and concerned about where your future results will come from.

Outwitting the masses

So, as it is inevitable that you will, from time to time, engage with a new recruiter what then are the indications that this will likely be productive? This is the recruitment business and you must be pretty shrewd to play the game better than sales recruiters who work all year perfecting their approach so as to get lucky punting a candidate to you.

Here is my tip to win, borne out of 20 successful years in the business

How thoroughly does the recruiter know this allegedly transformational candidate? Ideally they have watched the person’s career develop during 10+ years and the recruiter knows they are a banker who always delivers results and exceeds expectations come rain or shine. However if they do not know the candidate properly then the value they add is significantly reduced. Although their interview process can determine the candidate’s suitability for your role, crucially it cannot foresee the person winning future results. The recruiter may be backing someone who, on the face of it, seems ideal but who, in practice, is an inconsistent, hopeless lemon.

Similarly when we invest in stocks and shares and experts tell us that ‘past performance is not a guaranteed indicator of future successes. However in recruitment this is quite the opposite as past performance certainly is.

About Paul Thomson

Paul Thomson is the founder and Managing Director of Enterprise Sales Personnel Ltd, a specialist IT sales recruitment company based in Didsbury, Manchester. He has over 20 years of IT sales recruitment experience.

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