Warning Signs of Stress in Salespeople

A couple of weeks ago, James, Izzy, and Ravir sat down with well being consultant Maria Mander. Together they discussed handling your mental health when job hunting and whilst working in high pressured jobs.

You can find the full podcast here

Below is a snippet of the podcast which specifically focuses on recognising warning signs of stress in yourself as a busy sales professional.

Stress does not discriminate – it is certainly not limited to salespeople! However, the industry is renowned for being a demanding and high-pressured career path so experiencing levels of stress is typically expected. No reward without sacrifice!

It comes to a point when stress can be affecting you mentally, physically, in your home life, and in your productivity at work. This is when you need to ask yourself: how am I doing? Am I okay?

Maria talks through a few steps to identify that you are experiencing high levels of stress. Sometimes, we’re so busy and disconnected from ourselves that it takes recognising that you are feeling stressed and understanding why you’re feeling this way to take the next step in helping yourself.

As Maria says, tomorrow is a new day!

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