What Did our Team Find out on LinkedIn Last Week?

LinkedIn can be a big mess of ‘much the same’, but when users engage with LinkedIn, they can really reap the benefits of this networking tool to find out about what their clients want. Here are some of the key takeaways that our team found out last week on LinkedIn: 

Business development  

Natalie Gargan, one of our specialist recruiters, posed this question to her connections: I’m interested to know, if you are a Decision Maker/ Hiring Manager, what approach do you prefer? Equally, if you are a salesperson, what approach do you take? 

What do you think the results were? 

It was a fairly even split with chatting first beating pitching first 59% to 41%.  

This is an interesting result as Natalie has found that while people are (usually) personable and happy to have a conversation, they’re busy and need the aim of the conversation to be laid out immediately. After which the consultative relationship will build.  

One commenter on this post pointed out, “Most sales calls are an interruption to my day so get to the point and don’t ask me questions you really don’t care about. Don’t act like a mate because you’re not yet.” …fair enough! 

Video interviews at home 

Garry Stewart, one of our recruitment consultants, asked his network how smart they think a candidate should be dressed for a video interview. This was primarily because a candidate had told him they dressed formally for an interview for the interviewer to be wearing an ACDC top! 

The results came back as: 7% totally informal, 51% smart casual, 24% shirt and trousers, and 18% fully formal.  

These are quite surprising results. We wouldn’t advise dressing totally informal for a video interview – it’s still an interview! 

Companies are taking different strategic directions – what do leaders need in their companies right now? 

One of our fantastic recruitment consultants, Chloe Lewis, posed this question in a LinkedIn poll. Priorities have changed for a lot of organisations as they reevaluate what is important for their company and their teams.  

The results came back as: 62% personal suitability/team fit, 24% experience, 0% education and skills, and 14% knowledge 

This isn’t a surprising result – it’s important now more than ever to have a team that work well together.  

Is it still necessary to physically meet in person or visit an office before accepting a role/hiring someone? 

Jonathan Petch is, you guessed it, another one of our recruitment consultants! He asked this question to his network which is so pertinent now. Since March of this year, companies were thrusted into a state where they need to be agile and adapt all their processes quickly. The hiring process was no different. For a lot of companies, hiring was initially put on hold which was quickly proven to not be productive in progressing their teams. 

Jon said he’s personally found utilising video as a great tool for communicating with hiring managers and candidates. ESP has placed numerous roles over the last 6 months without the candidate and the hiring manager ever meeting face to face or with the candidate ever setting foot in a physical office.  

72% of the people that responded to Jon’s poll thought it wasn’t necessary to physically meet someone in person before finalising the hiring process which is amazing news! 

Ideal tenure for a technology salesperson? 

Can CVs come across too ‘hoppy’ and is this off putting? Alternatively, is becoming ‘part of the furniture’ indicate a stunt in personal development?  

People will have different views on how long someone should stay in a role, but there really is no right or wrong.  

Garry put this to his network and the results were: 10% 1-2 years, 74% 3-4 years, 16% 5+.  

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