What Does A Recruiter Look For On A LinkedIn Profile?

Recruiter, Emily Taylor, offers her tips and advice on how to make your LinkedIn profile appeal to recruiters.

Modern recruiters spent endless hours trawling through LinkedIn for the perfect candidate. It is essentially an enormous global database of candidates. When working on specific roles we search for key words in order to find suitable candidates and therefore whether you are actively or passively looking at the market having a fully up to date profile will be of benefit.

Here are some of my tips to ensure your profile is the best it can be and ensure that recruiters notice you;

1. Keep it up-to-date

If you have recently moved into a new role, moved location, changed job title or even joined a new professional group, then be sure to update this when you start so recruiters know your situation.

2.The key to getting noticed is keywords

As previously mentioned, our searches are conducted through key words so if you are actively seeking a new position then having information such as what tech you have sold alongside the sectors and verticals you sold into is crucial as it will help you be targeted with more relevant roles. However, this does not only apply to your most recent role, if this information is provided for your last three or four roles it will increase your chance of your profile being seen and you being contacted by a recruiter. Your previous experience is always of interest and could lead to you hearing about roles that would have otherwise been missed.

Having key technologies that you have sold throughout your career and an overview of the portfolio in each role will also increase your visibility in these searches. As important as it is to have an overview of your employers, it is also important to have a short overview of the role itself as this is what we are most interested in. There are thousands of IT companies out there and although an experienced recruiter should know what they generally sell, they need be certain you are selling the technology they are specifically headhunting for. Having this information clearly visible will increase the likelihood that they will contact you.

3. Update your tagline

Your professional header on LinkedIn is very important when you are looking for a new opportunity. Recruiters rely heavily on the search function of LinkedIn and having key words in the tagline will increase your visibility. Research has shown that there are two parts to a compelling tagline, the keywords and the value proposition. Key technologies you are selling and into which markets these are being sold are the specific keywords that we search for. The value proposition is what drives you to read the tagline so use interesting language that hints success or experience.

4. The importance of posting content

Whether you are actively seeking a new position or happily settled in your current role then it is important to post content and be active on LinkedIn.

If you are looking to make a career move then essentially the more you are seen by recruiters the better. Seeing your activity on LinkedIn, even if it’s sharing or liking a post or article, it means you are at the forefront of their mind and this will benefit you when they have new vacancies.

If you are not looking for a new role it is still as vital to be seen on LinkedIn. Posting professional blogs are a great way to look professional and credible to both employers and customers. However, it is also key to remember that LinkedIn is marketed as a professional networking site and therefore it is important to think how your profile looks in a professional capacity.  It is imperative that this is kept in the forefront of your mind when being active on LinkedIn. The IT sales industry is incredibly intertwined so liking an inappropriate post of picture can sometimes show up on the profile of a potential employer.

5. ‘Say cheese!’

A professional profile picture is paramount to remaining professional. Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean you must have a professional headshot but think about how your profile looks to a potential employer before you chose that picture of you in Ibiza or your heavily filtered iPhone selfie.

And Finally…

Remember, LinkedIn is an incredible tool for both employers and employees when used properly.  These tips will increase your professional credibility and visibility when actively seeking a new role. We look forward to seeing your profile soon!

About Emily

Emily Taylor has worked at ESP since October 2015. She specialises in placing exceptional IT Sales candidates into some of the world’s largest IT companies. If you are looking for your next IT sales career move, in either Scotland or England, contact her on 0161 446 4160, emily@enterprisesp.co.uk, through Twitter @EmilyT_ESP or via LinkedIn.