Why Should You Take My Call?

Ever wondered why a recruiter calls you after you apply for a job or submit a CV? Emily Taylor, recruiter at Enterprise Sales Personnel, explains why taking that call is the best decision you can make.

So you’re looking for a new challenge and naturally you start reaching out to your network and recruiters to see what’s out there. Next minute you have lots of recruiters calling you asking the same questions every day. You may think I don’t have time for this or this information is on my CV but why do we ask the same questions and what do we actually do with this information?

Every recruitment company you deal with will have their own way of gathering this information on their CRM system. The point of asking this information is to understand all the details of your employment history which helps match you to their vacancies, which helps set up interviews and can lead to a new career! Hooray!

These initial calls are purely a time saving tool as it allows them to get all the relevant information needed to match your profile in a quick 15 minute call. Your next thought is probably well 15 minutes is a long time and I’m a busy person! We completely understand this as we are also very busy which is why we do this call. Imagine every time an employee asked a question on your background; your targets? Your average deal values? etc.. If we had to call you with every question we’re given when discussing your background then we would take a lot longer than 15 minutes of your time.

You might then think well all that information is on my CV. If it is then fantastic! But I guarantee most people do not have the level of detail that we require on the CV or it would be 10 pages long.

If you do have a high level of detail on your CV then it is a great idea to send it across to us prior to the call so we can pull the relevant information off and then fill in the gaps to get all the information we need which of course will again save you time.

Another key part of these calls are for us to really understand what you are actually looking for in your new role. If we do not fully understand what you want to sell, the sectors you want to work in and your salary expectations then we could waste your time by calling you with jobs that are too junior for you or completely different to what you are looking for.

So the next time you are seeking a career move and a recruiter calls saying can I ask some questions around your background, before you say ‘can’t you not get this off my CV?’ or ‘why do I have to answer these questions?’ remember that we want to help you get your dream role as quickly and easily as possible and this all starts will this initial, yet vital, call. But most of all we are saving your valuable TIME.

If you want to speak to Emily about progressing your IT sales career, call her on 0161 446 4160 or email her emily@enterprisesp.co.uk