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Big Data

Big Data

The term “Big Data” refers to any very large volume of data that is highly varied and unstructured. Due to the complexity of Big Data, traditional data-processing techniques may be unreliable. As a result, there is a heavy focus on analytical measures to extract valuable information from, and make sense of, the data available.

Due to the increase in the availability of large data sets with the rise of computing and the internet, technologies that deal with this problem are a hot topic.

How we work with Big Data companies?

Enterprise Sales Personnel have a wealth of experience in speaking to technology sales professionals who have an in-depth knowledge of Big Data. We have developed a recruitment strategy off the back of this experience to ensure that we identify key areas of importance for both the client and the candidate. As a result, well-respected software vendors such as Dassault Systemes, PROS, and Mobysoft have relied on us to help fill their recruitment needs – which we have filled with great success.

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