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Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is something that all businesses offering a solution that fundamentally changes their customer’s business can offer. It has developed into a buzz word for businesses. Ask ten people for a definition and you will get ten similar but slightly different answers. The consensus is that digital transformation involves integrating technology into all areas of a business to create new, or modify existing business processes, culture and customer experience strategies. Digital transformation has become a focus for every business because of changing business environments, advances in technology, and most importantly, customer demand.

To get a fuller idea of what digital transformation can be used for, the main goals include:

  • Increase IT’s operating efficiency
  • Improve customer experience
  • Increase business efficiency
  • Introduce new products and services faster
  • Improve employee experience
  • Improve partner experience

For example, one of our clients aims to help their customers achieve digital transformation through their solution. They offer an integrated E-commerce platform that sits on top of existing ERP systems and streamlines both the order process and the sales process meaning their clients can take their organization online easily and efficiently and achieve growth by digitally transforming their sales and order business processes.

If businesses want to evolve with the rapid pace of digital change today, they must work to increase efficiency with technology wherever possible.

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