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How ESP helped StrikeReady

About StrikeReady

StrikeReady delivers the industry’s first unified, vendor-agnostic, AI-powered security command center, purpose-built to optimize, centralize and accelerate a company’s threat response. StrikeReady’s platform uplevels the entire security team by centralizing, analyzing and operationalizing security data across a company’s entire security tech stack.

ESP assigned to find a Solutions Architect in Jan 2024 for StrikeReady’s growing GTM team on the US East Coast.

  • Within 1 week, ESP produced a shortlist of 4 candidates.
  • 3 candidates progressed to ‘final interview’ stage.
  • 1 exceptional candidate was offered the job and started in Feb 2024.


ESP later tasked to find StrikeReady’s first US based ‘Customer Success Engineer’.

  • Shortlist of 5 candidates provided.
  • 3 candidates progress to ‘final interview’ stage.
  • 1 candidate offered the job, starting in June 2024.


ESP have since become StrikeReady’s named/exclusive recruitment partner for all Sales Engineering related positions across North America and Europe.