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Name – Nathan Terry

Role – Divisional Manager for Cyber Security and Software

When did you join ESP? September 2014

Why did you consider ESP over other companies? ESP has been my first and only job in the recruitment sector, so I wasn’t sure what to expect when I came to the interview. What stood out to me when I walked into the office was the atmosphere. The business came across as having a strong sales culture whilst also maintaining a relaxed environment which was something I had not seen before. The leadership team came across like people who had lots of time for new recruits which gave me confidence that ESP would be a place where I could develop fast. I was 22 when I joined so the thought of weekly meals out at nice restaurants and end of quarter trips abroad sounded fun.

Why recruitment? I moved to Manchester from East Yorkshire for University and loved the city, so I was very keen to stay. I wanted a job that would be lots of fun but also give me an opportunity for high earning potential as fast as possible. I was always confident that I would be able to progress in a sales environment quickly if I had the right people around me who were willing to teach me. After doing some research on ESP I noticed that the market they recruit for (Tech sales) was growing rapidly and the placement fees looked impressive. I couldn’t wait to learn the ropes and start getting my first placements on the board.

What has your career journey been at ESP? When I started at ESP, I was doing a business development role. My job was to speak to as many Sales Directors and VPs of sales as possible and find vacancies for ESP which would be then filled by my colleagues. As I got more experienced, I moved into a 360-recruitment role which consisted of me filling the vacancies I found with my own candidates. In my first three years at ESP I had three promotions and at this point decided to specialise in the cyber security market. Giving myself a niche focus allowed me to become an expert in my market which resulted in a further improvement in my performance. I am now the Divisional Manager for our cyber security department and have a team of recruiters who are helping me fill vacancies in the cyber security and software sectors.

What are your plans for your role moving forward? My aim is to grow our cyber security and software business to a multi-million pound division that works with some of the best technology vendors in this sector.  I am looking forward to seeing my team develop and hopefully adding some exciting new recruits in the near future.