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A Winning Success for Capita – ESP Places Senior Sales Director in 8 Weeks


Capita Software Services is a leading supplier of software solutions within the financial services, public sector and payments sectors. They combine strong client partnerships with innovation to develop the latest technology into intuitive solutions.

Capita’s innovative technology solutions work to deliver high quality, tangible results for their clients. Through intuitive analysis tools, Capita focuses on building smarter working solutions to help make a positive impact on society.


What was the business driver for this project and why was it important?

Looking ahead into 2018, it was clear to Anthony Singleton that to achieve his exciting objectives he needed to bring in an experienced and accomplished Senior Sales Leader to provide strategic direction to the sales team. The candidate would be joining a large company and managing a big team in excess of 50 people (£100m turnover), so it was essential that they had the expertise and knowledge to navigate and succeed in a complex business. The timing was essential, because Capita ideally wanted the successful candidate to start quickly. With this, they would be able to get up to speed to be effective at the start of the new financial year only a few months away.


Why Capita Chose ESP

We have built strong relationships with some of Capita’s key people (e.g. Anthony Singleton & Kim Eager) and believed we could find them the best possible candidate for this role. As a boutique recruitment firm with over 12 years of industry know-how, ESP has a deep knowledge of Senior IT Sales Leaders in the IT industry. ESP is on the path to becoming the most highly recommended IT recruitment company in the world, with over 1,000 personal, candidate relationships across the U.K. & EU. Due to our strong presence in the industry, we have successfully filled over 100 vacancies in 2017 alone. By connecting managers and candidates across the UK & EU, ESP has developed a strong brand built around success.

  • Placement within 8 weeks, from assignment to official start date
  • ESP arranged four, high-quality interviews within one day
  • Two successful candidates were selected for a final interview a week later
  • Candidate Ian Parslow was offered the Senior Sales Director role and happily accepted the position
  • Candidate joined the company in Q4 to enable him a successful start to the new financial year


ESP found a suitable candidate for a challenging role using its highly-connected network. This placement exceeded Capita’s expectations, balancing the act of placing a high-quality candidate within a limited time frame. Due to our experience working with high-profile positions, ESP is highly knowledgeable about the scarce amount of time our clients have.

Summary Highlights

  • Four high-quality candidates ensured that Capita’s management team was not losing time on unsuitable candidates
  • All first interviews and final interviews happened over 2 days, highlighting the efficiency in ESP’s recruitment process
  • The timing of this placement allowed the candidate and Capita to reach their goals for the start of the new financial year


‘ESP delivered an outstanding recruitment service and candidate in a timeframe that has helped me to get a strong leadership team in place to help me achieve exciting growth plans that help deliver great public services in the UK’ – Anthony Singleton MD Capita One/ Software Services & Kim Eager, Lead Consultant