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How I Grew my Career at ESP to Managing a Whole Division

Name: Jake Cassidy

Role: Divisional Manager – International & Scotland

When did you join ESP? Way back in February 2013

What was your first role at ESP? I joined as a recruitment consultant. I had previous sales experience in a business where I was spending most of my days on the phone, so was used to working in a fast-paced sales environment.

What made you consider ESP over other companies? I had experienced working in a large organisations and knew this wasn’t for me, I was looking for a smaller company.  ESP had a lively office environment which created a great first impression, and everyone I interviewed with gave me comfort that they were focused on staff development; perfect for a recruitment rookie!

Why recruitment? Recruitment was an industry quite a few of my peers went in to after University so I had heard all the stories (good and bad!) about what it was like as a career choice. Money was a big motivation for me to take the plunge as well as the opportunity for fast career progression. Once you have done it for a few years the money is still important, but you realise there is a lot more to it than that. If you become an expert in a specific area you will build long-lasting relationships and help people make genuinely life changing career moves which makes the job so much more rewarding.

What has your career journey been at ESP? I started as a recruitment consultant specialising in building and developing our Scottish candidate and client base. I then stepped up to a senior recruitment consultant role and branched out of Scotland across the UK.  I saw a huge potential internationally for ESP so worked with the leadership team to help build the international team from the ground up.  After we successfully got this off the ground I stepped into the a hands-on leadership role here as Divisional Manager for Scotland and International.

What is your remit now? Currently I manage the International and Scottish sales recruitment teams in a hands-on leadership role and am still directly recruiting for my own candidate and client base.