Why to avoid telephone interviews

Coronavirus: The Remote Job Hunt – Our Top Tips for Telephone and Video Interviews

We always recommend holding a face to face interview wherever possible.  There are several reasons for this, both from a candidate and a hiring manager perspective which we have explained before in this article.  However unprecedented times (as we’re all sick of hearing) equals unprecedented advice from recruitment consultants.

Taking into account the latest statement from the prime minister, the only way you will be able to secure your dream job currently is through a telephone or video interview.  Therefore here are our tips for giving yourselves the best possible chance to make a good impression over the airwaves and secure the role you want.

Keep Positive

  • There’s still lots of opportunities out there and our clients are looking to onboard and recruit quickly.  Don’t think because you’re having a telephone interview it won’t convert into a new job because it totally can (and has for many people already)

Understand the Interviewer’s Objective

  • Remember that the interviewer might be using this as a replacement of a final stage interview or it might be an intermediary stage.  Speak to your recruiter to understand their objectives and what they want to achieve from the call.

Ask questions

  • Don’t be afraid about asking about what might happen next and their timelines.  You’ll be curious, and questions show keenness which goes down well with prospective employers.  Feel free to ask how they are feeling about the current climate, it’s great when candidates engage with clients in response to market news and updates.

Video over Telephone

  • Wherever possible try to encourage a video chat, you could do this from the start or afterwards if the phone call went well.  You could pitch this as a chance to share some added value you can offer, an insight into the market or similar as right now this is priceless.

Remember the basics

  • You need to remember just because it’s a phone interview you should prepare just as you would for a face to face.  Make sure you know your numbers, your achievements against targets, your p60s.  Take time to understand the company, their industry and why they are interesting.  The benefit of a call or video interview is that you can have all your notes infant of you to refer back to, you really do have no excuse not to be fully prepared.

Close at the end

  • Ask them what their reservations are, ask them about the next steps, make sure to close the interview. We’ve done a whole podcast that you might enjoy that addresses how to successfully close an interview.

Watch your tone

  • Make sure to push high energy and enthusiasm into your voice.  You don’t have the benefit of easy body language, building face to face rapport and limited gesturing will be possible.  You need to put yourself in the interviewers shoes, most selling is done (first step) over the phone and they will be assessing in the interview your adeptness for this.

If you’d like some advice on telephone interviews, or you’re looking for a new role then please do get in touch with one of our team.

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