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3 Reasons Why Christmas Is a Great Time For a Job Seeker

Looking for a new job is never easy and there are some times in the year that are less easy than others. Summer is known for being a dry market, while January and February are known for being extremely competitive with lots of people looking and lots of companies hiring. While you might be thinking, ‘it’s getting close to Christmas, I might be better off waiting until the New Year’, you could be missing out. It’s actually a great time to look for a new job! 

Less competition 

It’s the same every year – candidates tend to wind down their job search for the Christmas period, while many stop looking altogether. This is amazing news for you, as you’ll have less competition.

You’ll have more chance of securing a new job, and you’ll have more bargaining power when it comes to your salary. The Hiring Manager doesn’t want this to be a long process, so you’re likely to be able to get some good money.

Quicker process

Hiring Managers want to have their process completely done by Christmas, you might even be able to start before the New Year depending on your notice period. There are lots of companies hiring and lots of urgent roles in the market at the moment – take advantage!

It’s also easier to catch people, as work tends to slow down during this period. You have more opportunity to speak to the Hiring Managers at companies you’re really interested in. Plus, everyone is in high spirits at Christmas!

Beat the New Year rush

Every single year, without fail, there is a huge influx of candidates looking for a job. Whether you admit it or not, January does have a feel of new beginnings and it is tempting for so many people to start fresh. You won’t be the only one after that role, you’ll be one of many. You can make yourself a stand out candidate in the run up to Christmas, so the company won’t need to advertise for that job in January. 

Hiring is definitely still happening and we’re working on some amazing IT Sales roles across all levels. Get a head start, avoid the January rush, and get in touch with one of our expert recruitment specialists today.