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5 Reasons Why Technology Is The Best Sector To Work In This Year

The tech sector consistently grows faster than the UK economy. While other sectors struggle, tech continues to boom and is a safe haven for people looking to avoid work instability. Whatever route you take, a career in the tech industry is fulfilling, exciting, and full of opportunity. 

1. Industry growth

While the past two years have seen unprecedented damage to sectors such as travel, hospitality, entertainment, and retail, the technology industry continues to rise to new heights above and beyond expectations.

It was recently reported that the industry is growing six times faster than any other. In some areas of the UK, one in every 10 jobs advertised is part of the tech industry! Business leaders are also producing record levels of investment – there is huge, long term revenue growth that’s been predicted by venture capitalists for the next few years.

2. It’s fulfilling, interesting work

Money is a big draw, but eventually, everyone wants more out of their job than just money. Having a job that actually stimulates you is key. A career in tech sales can be fascinating. You get to work with and learn from incredibly talented people, solving challenges and developing interchangeable skills that will be useful for a lifetime.

3. Career security

We all know tech is the future, and the future is now! As time progresses and more traditional job roles may be taken over by technological solutions, companies will always need people to sell their services and solutions. And companies will also always need specialists who can place the salespeople in those roles! Unlike other industries that are at the whim of a physical good’s supply and demand cycle, the tech industry, and specifically tech sales, are often roles that can be done with very little resources. Both technology and sales are never going away, so you won’t need to worry about the longevity of the industry whatsoever.

4. Money

There’s a lot of money to be made and while a payslip isn’t everything (a job in tech delivers fulfilment beyond your payslip), it’s still a factor to consider. For example, if you work as a technology sales recruiter, you get paid a percentage of top earners in the industry which makes you a good chunk of money yourself. Moreover, the industry itself is lucrative which means you’re working with clients with big budgets. It’s incredibly exciting and motivating to work in such a profitable industry!

5. Positive, inclusive culture

Tech employers really value culture and it’s actually one of the happiest industries. It’s reported that 87% of those currently working in tech really enjoy their work! With great perks, varied day-to-day responsibilities, working with great and likeminded people, and the opportunity to work flexibly in many positions, it comes as no surprise. The people who work in this industry generally care about their work and managers are dedicated to a culture that promotes learning and development. 

We know tech is an exciting, agile industry to work in. Here’s why, specifically, you should consider a recruitment career in IT Sales…

  • You’ll be engaging and learning from the best brains in business. At ESP, we work with exciting brands and leading people.
  • You’ll challenge yourself. This is the perfect environment for people who love problem solving and fast career progression.
  • You’ll make a difference in the lives of others by helping them progress their careers and land their dream career move
  • You’ll become an expert in a continually evolving market. We live in a digital society. The growth of tech has never been more paramount, and you’ll be right at the heart of it!
  • You’ll be rewarded. Whether you’re driven financially, by learning, by helping others or by advancing your own development, a career in recruitment has the lot.

The tech industry is booming and we need more hands on deck to place spectacular technology salespeople into technology sales positions. If you’re interested in joining this exciting industry, check out our current internal opportunities and get in touch today!