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Every single job role, sector, industry, company, have lots of recruiters specialising in each niche. As there are a lot of recruiters out there, it can be tricky to weed out the incredible from the average. Unfortunately, there are a lot out there that just want to close the deal. But if you find a recruiter that works for you, you’ve struck gold. You’re not just a number and you shouldn’t let someone treat you like one. A good recruiter will do all they can to make sure the candidate and the company get exactly what they’re looking for. 

What makes a good recruiter?

It’s hard to pinpoint these into one or two defining attributes, a good recruiter is lots of things! They’re honest with you, they have integrity, they’re resilient, they have incredible negotiation and influencing skills. And of course, recruiters are talking to people for about 85% of their day. So, being personable, patient, and friendly goes a long way too. These are all hugely important and round off what a good recruiter is, but what makes a recruiter great? 

We asked our network what, primarily, they look for in a recruiter…

  • 8% said they’ll tell you the bad news
  • 22% said knowledge of the market
  • 33% said they have to have an incredible network
  • Being easy to get in touch came out as the most popular factor that encourages job seekers to work with a recruiter at 36%!

It’s important to know what makes a recruiter not so great. Here’s what NOT to look for in a recruiter…

  • Only gets in touch when there’s something to report
  • Doesn’t lead you through the process
  • Doesn’t try to get to know you
  • Doesn’t listen to you
  • Isn’t honest with you about feedback
  • Ignores you
  • Cancels calls last minute
  • Tries to convince you to take a job that’s not right for you

Here are some other questions that we think are important to consider when choosing a recruiter…

Are they picky enough?

Some recruiters will get your CV in every door with every hiring manager possible, sometimes without qualifying the needs of both job seeker and the hiring manager. As a job seeker, it’s much more effective to work with recruiters who really listen to what you want from a role and a company. The best recruiters have high standards for their candidates and will be picky in matching candidates with roles.

Do they have a good reputation?

As a job seeker, it’s always a good idea to be represented by a recruiter that has a solid reputation within their niche market. Look out for positive Google reviews that tell you what people honestly thought of them. 

How do they approach you?

Whether it’s a LinkedIn message, an email, or a phone call, take notice of how they approach the conversation. Is it clear that they’ve done their research and truly think this is a good match for you, or are they going for a ‘spray and pray’ type of approach?

Recruiters are an incredible resource of knowledge and support – all those steps that make your application sound out, such as networking, we do it for you. At ESP, we’re committed to delivering a personalised, friendly, consultative service to everyone we work with. With over 16 years of experience in senior IT sales recruitment, we’ve amassed a team of not good recruiters, but great recruiters. The best recruiters work tirelessly to understand your experience and career aspirations so they can offer a personalised and successful service. Don’t settle for any less – reach out today and let’s find your new role together.