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Why Now Is The Time To Change Jobs: 7 Real Life Examples

There’s been a lot of talk lately about now being an amazing time for job seekers. And that’s because it is.

The jobs market is hot and completely candidate-driven. Hiring managers are struggling to find the top talent, because that top talent probably has 3 other job offers, all of them offering increased salary, perks, benefits, and opportunities. Essentially, job seekers have the power. There’s room for negotiation on just about anything within the role, and your next job change could be the best decision of your career.

It’s not just the jobs market that’s on fire, it’s the industry. Technology is undoubtedly a nimble industry, with a knack for anticipating where change and growth will be strongest. The MonsterGroup report found technology to be up there as displaying some of the greatest job growth in the market right now. Business leaders are generating record levels of investment and in September, it was reported that £13.5billion of venture capital from the UK tech sector came into the country during the first six months of the year. The powers that be are predicting long-term growth, making it a pretty rock-solid industry work in. Needless to say, it’s a great time to be a job seeker in the technology sales industry!

We’re not just saying that this is the case, it’s being shown a lot in our everyday lives as technology sales recruiters.

Here are 7 real life examples:

1) One of our candidates originally interviewed as a Business Development Manager. The hiring managers liked them so much and massively recognised their potential, that they created a role just for them. They’re now building a brand-new division at a fintech SaaS provider.

2) Recently, a candidate got offered and accepted a £30k salary uplift to join a competitor.

3) One of our clients is a fast-growth SaaS company – they were offering fantastic benefits and shares in the business. Despite this, they recognise that even with this, they need to move fast to secure the best talent. So, their interview process was done in 10 days.
Side note: Some of the biggest tech companies are struggling to hire because their recruitment processes are too slow and complicated.

4) A candidate that was looking to get around £70k, ended up being offered a role with a major US software vendor on a £120k base. Pre-pandemic this would be unheard of, but they were able to engineer a huge uplift in responsibility, career progression, and salary.

5) Another candidate got an uplift from £80k to £120k. Our client is a small tech vendor, and this candidate’s previous company was a big name in the industry. The war for talent is real!

6) It seems pretty out of the ordinary now, but a company that relies heavily on face-to-face sales have just hired their first remote-based salesperson. They recognise that they need to adapt, and they can build a team of remote salespeople and succeed.

7) Best for last…
One candidate was seriously underpaid, with a very specific skillet, and on the upward trajectory of their career. Their salary went from £27k to £90k!

You can take seriously advantage of this job market, and we highly recommend that you do. Now is the time to grow your career, whatever that means for you. For more flexibility, fulfilment, training, the opportunities are substantial. You can grow as a professional, take on more responsibilities, earn good money, and get on a path to outstanding success in your career. With the current market, the chances are that you’ll have plenty of options awaiting you. For guidance and support with choosing the right one for you, don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our excellent recruitment specialists.