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10 Reasons to Choose a Career in Recruitment

From earning great money to supporting candidates in achieving their goals, a career in recruitment can be so rewarding.

Here are our top 10 reasons why we all chose recruitment, and why we think it’s fab.

  • Great career progression and development opportunities

It’s not unusual for top performers to quickly advance into leadership positions. Recruiters are judged on performance, not by how long you’ve been at a company. Nathan is an Associate Director at ESP, starting out as a Talent Consultant and working his way up through hard work, determination, and the support of his managers. Working at a recruitment agency means you’re likely to be surrounded by people who have done this a long time and do it really well, so you can quickly learn from your colleagues.

  • Make good money

It’s simple – the more placements you make, the more money you can earn. There’s huge opportunity to earn really good money, how much you earn is down to you. Unlike other jobs where the salary is only increased with a pay rise or a promotion, as a recruiter you’re the master of your own fate!

Along with the money, working in recruitment often comes with fantastic incentives and rewards. Nights out, team lunches, holidays, race days, etc. are common incentives that you get from working at a recruitment agency. That’s pretty specific to this industry, as the opportunity to earn more money means the company does better and they want to thank you for it!

  • Freedom and independence

Working in recruitment is like running your own business. When you’re fully trained, you could begin to run your own candidate and client base. That means you could be working with clients to get vacancies on, and then filling them yourself. You share in the success of your team and the agency as a whole, while having the opportunity to make your own success.

  • You can change candidates lives

Offering a candidate a job is a great feeling. Especially when that candidate is particularly nice, or they’re out of work, or this is their dream job, telling them the good news never gets old.

As the recruiter that helped them get there, you know that your support and guidance throughout the process helped them secure this job. You get to make people happy by being great at your job! When the time comes for that candidate to make their next career move, they’ll come straight back to you.

  • Healthy competition

If you love a bit of friendly competition, then recruitment is the career for you. Recruiters are constantly competing with others in the industry to work with clients and get to those hard-to-find candidates. You’re constantly trying out new, fun and interesting ways to get the attention of candidates. And it’s so exciting when you do beat the competition, make the placement, and come out on top! That isn’t something you can say about every job.

It’s a cliché, but no two days are the same. Your day-to-day work life will vary, one day you could be going to meet a client, the next filming and editing a video for LinkedIn. You’ll speak with new people nearly every day and switch up your tactics and strategy to stay ahead of the game. The job market is always changing, and you’ll be faced with new challenges. How you do your job one month could be completely different the next. A part of the job is staying innovative and trying different things out, which means you never get bored!

  • You meet new people

One of the best things about recruitment is getting the opportunity to meet a wide variety of people from all walks of life and cultures. At ESP, we work with many international clients and candidates. From Singapore to South Africa, we get to speak to people from all over the globe! It’s a unique way to get to learn about other cultures, and not many people get to spend their days building relationships with interesting and different people.

  • Gain transferable skills

Recruiters are needed in every industry. Throughout your career, you might end up being involved in numerous sectors. This gives you the opportunity to constantly learn things about other industries. You’ll also have first-hand knowledge for making a career move, if you decide to, making you a skilled and valuable candidate. Best of all…you’ll have a huge network of contacts!

As mentioned before, recruitment is extremely varied. You’ll establish outstanding communication skills as well as marketing, negotiation, sales, problem-solving, resilience, and organisation…to name a few. These are all skills that employers look for, so they’re amazing to have on your CV.

  • You’ll work with fun people

A career in recruitment essentially guarantees that you’ll be in an office with outgoing and chatty colleagues who generally have a good laugh. It’s very rare to meet a recruiter who’s a shrinking violet, so it’s a great environment to meet fun people! You’ll quickly make amazing friends that make every day (and work nights out!) a blast.

  • It’s a challenge

Recruitment isn’t for everyone. You need to be confident, great communication skills, self-motivated, and resilient. If you’re creative, too, then that’s a huge advantage. Yes, recruitment can be challenging. But with that comes amazing job satisfaction.

If you’re someone that likes a challenge, has big career goals, wants to earn good money, and have a great time while doing it – why not choose a career in recruitment? Get in touch if you want to find out more about the industry, and what working at ESP could look like for you.