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Team ESP’s Challenge for the Booth Centre

Around the UK in 6 weeks!

We’ve been partnered with the fantastic Booth Centre for 2020 and 2021 now, and it’s about time we introduced a new challenge for the team to get stuck into.

Starting from 1st May, our team of 13 will be facing a challenge to walk from the very bottom of the UK, Land’s End, to the very top, John O’Groats. The total is 874 miles over 6 weeks. For those that drive everywhere, this will be a challenge to get walking a lot more than they usually would!

The Booth Centre is a community run centre with and for people affected by homelessness. They provide a warm welcome, an opportunity to belong, to gain purpose and rebuild lives. After visiting the centre a couple of times (hopefully many more to come in the future!), we’ve seen first-hand how dedicated the people at the centre are to breaking the cycle of homelessness. They provide a safe space for people to feel welcome. In 2020/21, they supported 64 people gain employment! Their dedication to the mission is inspiring and it’s clear how committed they are to treating everyone with an equal amount of respect, which ultimately helps people change their lives.

Keep posted for regular updates on how the team are doing, and please consider donating to this cause through this link. All proceeds go straight to the Booth Centre through the Just Giving link, and we’re hoping to reach a goal of £500!