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Women’s History Month 2021: Claire Milner

This month, we celebrated International Women’s Day on 8th March and Women’s History Month throughout. This month is about acknowledging and celebrating the accomplishments of women around the world – ordinary women, notable women, political women. Those who lead the way for change, and don’t back down to adversity.

The tech industry is notoriously a bit of a Boys Club with a reported meagre 19% of the tech workforce being women. But the industry is changing and we’re looking forward to welcoming more girls and women into tech and technology sales.

We spoke to Claire Milner, Senior Vice President for EMEA at Kinaxis, who shares her thoughts on the growing tech industry, and considers how important it is that women starting out in the industry have role models. Someone that they can trust and that will motivate and empower them.

It was great to speak to Claire, and reminded us of how the women in this industry are strong, powerful, and driven. Like Claire says, if there’s a gap in the market, then fill that gap! If women aren’t typically in the roles that you want or aspire to, that doesn’t mean you can’t do it.

If you’re interested in Claire’s experience as a woman in a predominantly male industry, and her insights into how it’s changing, then watch the video below.

A woman that Claire found inspiring was former Burberry CEO and current Senior Vice President of Apple, Angela Ahrendts. That’s a decent CV! We asked some of the team who they found to be an inspiration, and this is what they said…