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Slingshot Energizer: Our biggest event yet…

ESP x Slingshot Edge: Slingshot Energizer
Friday 21st May: 10am – 11.15am

Friends of our previous events will know that we often collaborate with the fantastic guys at Slingshot Edge, Calum Kilgour and John Bissett. They’re wizzes in knowing how to tap into the mind of a buyer, and how to utilise language to develop trust and consensus. You’re in luck – they want to share this knowledge.

Our next event isn’t our usual format. If you’ve been before, you’ll know it’s more of a conversation between peers with a few golden nuggets from Calum and John. This works great – it encourages peers to connect with one another and feel comfortable to share their experiences, challenges, and advice. Something we’ve learnt from past sessions is that Sales Leaders are consistently and will forever be more interested in generating new business and winning new customers than anything else. They want to know how their peers are successfully converting leads and essentially making money. The best way to do that is to get into the mind of the buyer. Enter the Slingshot Energizer

This event is live, interactive, quick-fire, multi-media EDU-tainment!

You will learn how your sales teams are getting value wrong. You will learn how your chances of winning could be hurt. You’ll be put into various decision making scenarios, and recognise how you and your peers are responding differently. You’ll find out why that is, and most importantly…how you can avoid that. You and your buyer will be on the same page.

The best part – it’s free!

When Calum and John usually run the Slingshot Energizers, they’re £5000 a pop. This demonstrates just how much value sellers get out of these sessions. They get a lot of interest and they’re graciously doing a one off FREE special!

We expect to get a LOT of interest in this event. That’s why we’re capping the attendees at 2 people per organisation. This is to ensure as many organisations get value of out this as possible. We suspect organisations would fill it with 30 of their salespeople if they could (and we couldn’t blame them for trying!).

Remember: this is a one off. It’s an exclusive, free look-in to the mind of your buyer. You will no doubt learn something from this, so we advise registering ASAP via Eventbrite to avoid disappointment.

See you there!

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